How to add push notification in blogger

How to add Push Notifications in Blogger
How to add push notification in blogger

All the friends i will tell you how to enable push notifica
tion in your blog.It is easy step and free for all.All the process with picture
shown under.
➡️At first go to your browser and write
➡️Then login with Id and password,Also If you have no account then create an account in simple steps.
➡️Next confirm this account in your mail.
➡️After confirmation login account and add a app where you write your website name.
➡️Then choose Integration middle option website builder and bellow blogger select.
➡️Next Blogger site setup write your Website name and Website Url,your website icon.
➡️Next Configuration prompt setup where you permission prompt setup.
➡️By Default set and save though you custom setup you do that and save.
➡️Also set slide down prompt option and save.
➡️Also setup HTTP popup prompt setup and all setup save all.
➡️Next screen will appear where a code will be generate,copy this code
➡️Next go to your Blogger and select edit HTML and paste the code into <head> section or go to layout select sidebar add a gadget HTML gadget and paste code then save also click save arrangement. At last go to your page and refresh the page you will see your push notifications will be activate.
                       All the process complete.Thanks to all Visit again.

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